Hygiene & Technology

If you are lucky enough to own a stainless steel pool, you want to enjoy and relax carefree. Pool hygiene and technology should be as maintenance-free and easy to care for as possible.

The use of water technology systems from Niro-Pool offers great advantages here: simple, time-saving and absolutely reliable.

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Variants to minimize your maintenance effort:

Pool robot: does most of the maintenance work.

Maintenance & care service: trained technicians from Niro-Pool check the condition of the system and take care of maintenance work, for example up to 4 times during the bathing season

Remote monitoring of the entire water treatment technology

The smart pool for smart customers

With fully automated water treatment from Niro-Pool, you really don’t have to worry about anything. The tank is filled and fresh water refilled fully automatically. Continuous water losses are thus automatically compensated.

Equipped with latest state-of-the-art technology, all systems installed by Niro-Pool feature a fully-automated pool filling as well as a topping-up of fresh water.

With regard to the latter, ongoing water loss caused by, for instance, evaporation, filter backwash or the natural drainage through swimmers is compensated for without the need for personal or third party interference.

Pool water containing dirt and disperse substances (i.e. floating solids, suspended matter, settling sediments) is automatically cleaned by the pool filter system, which efficiently removes all types of pollutants. Combined with an automated back-washing unit, this system also allows for the cleaning of the filter medium (sand). This process is due in regular intervals.

On the basis of the filter material in use (sand), the filtering of the bathing water may retain pollutants up to a size of approximately 20µ/mm. Dirt and turbid materials significantly smaller than 20µ/mm can be retained by the filter following the continued addition of flocculent. This process can be automated easily via a flocculation station.

Pool water once burdened by microbial load has to be decontaminated as rapid and sustained as possible, a process typically requiring the pool water to contain a permanent excess of free disinfectants (depot effect) in order to be effective against the micro-organisms.

Niro Pool thus supplies technically approved and reliable systems capable of overseeing and automating said process by periodically adding oxidants such as chlorine or active oxygen, depending on your choice.

Further increasing the effectiveness of oxidants in the pool water, an UV-disinfection station supports the eradication of harmful microbes in a natural manner by bundling short-wave high-intensity light rays.

By definition, the pH-value is a measure indicating the acidity or basicity of liquids, with a value of 7 meaning that the liquid is neutral. Liquids with a pH-value less than 7 are acidic (acid), whereas liquids with a pH-value greater than 7 are alkaline (base).

The pH-value of bathing water should ideally lie between 7 and 7.2. The retention of this value is of utmost importance in view of the fact that already a pH-value of 7.5 compared to 7 requires twice the amount of oxidants in the pool water to make up for the drastically risen ineffectiveness of oxidants at higher pH-levels.

Frequent measurement and adjustment of the pH-value is also mandatory in light of pool water normally exhibiting rising scores on the pH-scale following constant chlorination and risen water temperatures in combination with the outgassing of carbon dioxide (CO2). As a matter of fact, especially hard water shows a tendency to have a higher pH-value.

Alike many other processes, this task can also be automated via the installment of the well-tried Niro-Pool pH-Pool Basic system.

Over time, the bottom of the pool gets polluted by turbid materials such as soil, sand and so forth.

Apart from the visual degradation, this “biological material” provides an ideal breeding ground to germ and bacteria cultures, which in turn contaminate the pool water.

Consequently, keeping the bottom of the pool clean is as essential for visual reasons as it is for your own safety. Niro-Pool again offers adequate solutions for pool bottom cleaning that automatically remove any kind of dirt; however, it can also be done manually using a regular pool bottom cleaner.